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Dorint An den Thermen Freiburg
Dorint An den Thermen Freiburg
Dorint An den Thermen Freiburg
Dorint An den Thermen Freiburg
Dorint An den Thermen Freiburg
Dorint An den Thermen Freiburg
An den Heilquellen 8
79111 Freiburg
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Sauna Area in the Keidel Mineral Thermal Baths²

Day entrance incl. Mineral thermal baths (one-time access to the bath): € 23.50 per person

The sauna area of ​​the KEIDEL baths is 3,000 m². It consists of a total of 9 saunas and a Turkish steam bath. The saunas surround extensive lying and resting areas inside and outside incl. Roof terrace, adventure showers and a natural lake and cooling pool. Solariums are available for a surcharge. The Saunabistro is the right place to recharge with little snacks.

Opening hours of the sauna area in the KEIDEL baths: Daily 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Please note: The entrance coins allow the full-day stay in the KEIDEL baths / saunas, but are only valid for a one-time admission.

Interior of the KEIDEL Baths Sauna Area

Inside the sauna area are the following facilities:

  • Aroma sauna 60°C
    The aroma sauna with 60°C is a mild sauna. Both newcomers and sauna experts feel comfortable here, because they can let their soul dangle through the play of changing lighting and music. This is supported by changing scents. The visitor experiences an almost meditative inner peace and can fade out the everyday life

  • Herb kettle 75°C
    In the geyser sauna, infusions are deliberately avoided in order to keep the relative humidity at a stable low level. For absolute well-being, the sweat cabin Geysir is especially suitable for sauna guests who can indulge in the warmth for a whole day.

  • Infusion Sauna 90°C
    In the infusion sauna, hot temperatures meet high humidity. Here, infusions take place regularly.

  • Steam Boiler 45°C
    The Turkish steam bath has an extremely high humidity of 45° C. The permanently evaporating water transfers the heat directly to the skin and thus immediately stimulates blood circulation and perspiration.

In the Outdoor Area:

  • Water lily sauna 75-90°C
    The Water Lily Sauna is located directly next to the natural swimming lake and is in the same pavilion as the Panorama Sauna. There is room for 25 people.

  • Panorama Sauna 75-90°C
    The Panorama Sauna not only impresses with its great view into the greenery but also with the different infusions. 70 people can relax here.

  • Garden sauna 95°C (log cabin)
    The log cabin sauna is located between the natural swimming lake and the outdoor pool. You are spoilt for choice where to refresh and revitalize yourself after your sauna bath.
  • Pool-Sauna 95°C (log cabin)
    The Kivalo sauna is like Jervi separately at the lake. It is rather dry 85°C, which makes it a good introduction to the hot saunas. Between the two cabins at the natural lake is a cozy fireplace room as a relaxation room.

  • Birch sauna 70° C
    The birch sauna is located directly at the natural swimming lake and has its own relaxation room together with the lake sauna. With an inside temperature of 70° C it is rather mild and thanks to the high air humidity it is suitable for every sauna guest.

  • Lake sauna 85° C at the natural swimming lake
    Like the birch sauna, the lake sauna is located separately at the bathing lake. The temperature is rather dry 85° C, making it a good introduction to the hot saunas. Between the two cabins at the natural bathing lake there is a cosy fireplace room as a relaxation room.

Furthermore, you will find pleasant relaxation at the natural bathing lake with covered resting areas, the adventure showers and on the spacious sunbathing lawn.

²Please note that the fitness, SPA and Sauna area KEIDEL Bad is an external service. Responsible for the organization and performance of all services is the designated organizer. Organizer: Freiburger Kommunalbauten GmbH Baugesellschaft & co. KG (FKB) | Am Karlsplatz 2 | 79098 Freiburg i. Br.